Smokey Salmon Roulades e

* Get your salmon fillets prepped at Dirk's, it will make this recipe that much easier.
* Use Spinach and White Cheddar Cheese Stuffing recipe for your filling. Call ahead and we can make this for you.
* I like the hand sliced smoked salmon for this recipe best. It's easier to roll.
* This recipe can be used with almost any fish of your choice. With smaller fillets such as tilapia, the stuffing can be sandwiched between two fillets.
* We used our own tequila chili marinade for this recipe but any of our marinades would work. Your choice.


* 4-6 oz. salmon fillets, sliced in half horizontally but still connected at the back. You want to end up with a long thin strip.
* 1/2 recipe of our Spinach stuffing
* 8 strips of smoked salmon, thinly sliced
* 1 cup Tequila Chili Marinade (available @ Dirk's Fish)


* Preheat oven to 425.
* Lay the salmon fillets out flat. Take about 1/3 of the spinach stuffing (works best at room temperature) and gently spread in a thin layer completely across the fillets. Lay 2 strips of smoked salmon across each fillet. Starting at the short end of the fillet, roll it up. Be gentle and don't squeeze too hard. Set rolled fillets into a dish suitable for baking. Cover with tequila marinade.
* Bake for about 15 minuntes and then turn the oven to broil. Place fish under the broiler for about 3 minutes to brown the top. Remove from the oven and serve.
* This recipe serves 4 people.

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