* "Nigiri" means to "squeeze" in Japanese, and nigiri is formed by sqeezing small amounts of rice into rectangular shapes and topping it with small pieces of fish or seafood. It is usually kept very simple so that the flavor of the topping predominates.
* This is also a great way to serve sushi for those people that are not fond of the taste of nori.


* sushi rice
* sushi quality fish, sliced into pieces about 1 inch wide, 2 inches long and about 1/8 thick-tuna, salmon, snapper, flounder, etc.
* wasabi(optional)
* sesame seeds, tobiko, or thin nori strips(optional)


* Prepare a bowl of water that contains about 30% rice vinegar. Use this to moisten your hands as you work with the rice. Remember, they call it "sticky rice" for a reason.
* Moisten your hands, pick up about a tablespoon of rice and form it in the pocket of your first 2 or three fingers. You want it to hold its form but don't squeeze too tightly.
* Lay the fish on your fingers and form the rice to the fillet. Flip it over and gently form the fish around the rice using your thumb and forefinger. The piece of fish shold cover the rice almost completely.
* You can put a very small smear of wasabi on the rice before adding the fish.
* You can also top the nigiri with a very few sesame seeds, a pinch of tobiko, or a thin wrap of nori for a custom look and taste.
* Nigiri should be firm enough to transfer from the plate to your mouth without falling apart but still be tender to eat.
* Practice, practice, practice! (But you can eat your mistakes!)

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