* "Temaki" means "handroll" in Japanese.
* These cone shaped rolls are a variation of a regular maki. They can be filled with any assortment of fillings.
* Temaki are eaten whole and are not usually cut into smaller pieces.
* Temaki should be eaten quickly as they don't hold their shape well.


* sushi rice
* nori sheets cut in 1/4
* fish and vegetable choices should all be cut about 2 inches long. I like to cut the fish into thicker strips and the vegetables into many thin strips.
* For our class, we use cucumber and tuna


* Prepare a bowl of water that is about 30% rice vinegar for moistening your fingers.
* Hold the nori in your left hand and place an oblong of rice on the left side of the nori. Flatten the rice and make a groove in the rice for ingredients. Leave one corner without rice. Smear lightly with wasabi.
* Add your fillings
* Fold the corner over the rice to make a pointed end.
* Now use your fingers to roll into a cone shape. Moisten the nori with water or use a piece of rice for glue.
* Practice makes perfect on these rolls!

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